Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

Finance for Non-Financial ProfessionalsThe two-day Finance for Non-Financial Professionals Program aims to increase financial literacy and help employees understand their role in strategic decision-making. This program will help participants understand the complexities of financial statements, capital budgeting and the importance of cash flow.

Materials are suitable for professionals without a finance background.

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Participants are assumed to have no prior knowledge of accounting and finance. The course is based on the fundamentals of accounting and finance but does not require any prerequisites.


  • Why finance for non-finance executives
  • Financial statements making process – uses & implications
  • Financial Management Techniques to Ensure Survival and Growth
  • Financial Analysis Through Ratios
  • Fund flow analysis to analyze survival/failure/growth of business
  • Cash flow analysis
  • More About Accounting – Make sure you understand all terms associated with accounting
  • Management Accounting – Overview
  • How important are balance sheet reading skills?
  • The Time Value of Money – Money has a time value?
  • How should business financing decisions be made?
  • How does cost structure influence profit?
  • Types and Financing
  • Capital Structuring decisions for your Business
  • What’s Break Even? Why is it so important?
  • Bank loan for business-related aspects
  • How Banks Appraise Term Loans
  • Why is Working Capital Management Important?
  • How do you prepare a Project Report for Bank Loans?
  • How should investment decisions be made?
  • An Overview of Cost Accounting
  • An Overview of Auditing

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one executive coaching session after the course.

Time and Financial Investment

  • Program Duration – 2 days
  • Financial Investment
    • Early-Bird Rate Through August 29: Members $2,100, Non-Members $3,000
    • After August 29: Members $2,500, Non-Members $3,400
  • Program Sponsorship – $5,000 per organization

2022 Course Dates
Virtual: September 19-20




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