STEM Education Focus: High School

STEM Education Focus: High School


IPAA/Energy Workforce STEM Showdown

In 2012, Energy Workforce & Technology Council partnered with the IPAA to expand the Council’s commitment to educational outreach through the IPAA/Energy Workforce Education Center.

The IPAA/Energy Workforce Education Center includes five Petroleum Academies — four in Houston and one in Fort Worth. IPAA/Energy Workforce Petroleum Academies provide high school students with an advanced, multidisciplinary learning experience in science, mathematics and the emerging technology concepts needed to pursue professional training and degrees in engineering, geology, geophysics and global energy management.

The IPAA/Energy Workforce Petroleum Academies have achieved an unprecedented level of success in preparing the next generation of talented professionals who will lead the oil and gas industry forward. To date, there are:

  • 2,900 graduates
  • 1,500 students currently enrolled for the 2018-19 school year
  • 41 percent female participation
  • Two-thirds of the student population is economically disadvantaged
  • Significant impacts on first-generation college participation
  • $900,000 in college scholarships awarded
  • 642 student oil and gas industry externships awarded

Teacher of the Year

Each year, Energy Workforce & Technology Council awards an energy academy teacher who exemplifies excellence in the classroom. The award carries a $10,000 stipend, distributed to the teacher and his/her school.


2009: Beth Mizwa, Global Energy Management Institute at Lamar High School
2010: Kimberly Myers, Westside High School, Houston
2011: Kimberly Myers, Westside High School, Houston
2012: Jessica Prado, Southwest High School, Fort Worth
2013: Jessica Prado, Southwest High School, Fort Worth
2014: Katricia Conner, Southwest High School, Fort Worth
2015: Jeff Stear, Milby High School, Houston
2016: Astra Zeno, Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy, Houston
2017: Jennifer Northern, Southwest High School, Fort Worth
2018: Laurie Schlaudt, Westside High School, Houston
2019: Brandi Fisher, Houston Middle School, Hobbs, NM



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