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Telling the Story of Our Member Company Employees

PESA is proud to support our member companies as responsible corporate citizens and drivers of job creation throughout the U.S.

Today, member company Halliburton puts a face to our membership with a short ad in Colorado, showcasing their strong commitment to community and family in an over 70 year history of active operations in the state.

FuelFix reports:
The 30-second spot, which features a young, hard-hat-wearing employee named Gabby walking among shiny red trucks, is set to air in both Spanish and English across the state, which has become a battleground for fights over oil and gas regulation.

“This is my father; he’s an engineer just like me,” Gabby says in the ad. “My father brought our family here from Paraguay to give our family a better life. Because of the opportunity that Halliburton gave me, I’m following in his footsteps.”

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