Foreign Service Officers

Foreign Service Officers

PESA’s Foreign Service Officer Energy Industry Training Program was created in 1993 to increase the practical knowledge of energy attaches and economic officers with responsibility for oil and gas issues stationed in American embassies in countries where energy is a major issue.

During the program, PESA member companies offer their facilities and personnel to teach the officers every facet of the energy industry, from seismic to refining. The week-long session utilizes site visits, plant tours and panel presentations as well as visits to industry-supported educational facilities such as the Houston Museum of Natural Science Weiss Energy Exhibit and the Ocean Star Offshore Energy Center in Galveston.

Co-sponsored by the US Departments of State, Energy and Commerce, the program has graduated more than 500 representatives of the US government from the departments of State, Energy and Commerce, as well as OPIC and TDA.

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